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Renovation of the MVAC System of the IDH ICU Complex by IESL Building Services Engineers and SL Navy


Image 01: BSESC team with the IDH medical team at the ICU Complex

The renovation work of the MVAC system of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) complex #01 at the  Infectious Diseases Hospital in Angoda was successfully completed by the IESL Building Services Engineering Sectional Committee (BSESC) together with Sri Lanka Navy.

Video 01: Handing Over Ceremony of the Renovated MVAC System on TV News 

Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH), Angoda is operating as the stronghold in Sri Lanka’s effort to treat the patients diagnosed with COVID-19 virus. Since the existed Mechanical Ventilation Air Conditioning (MVAC) system in one of its ICU complexes was not suitable to cater for the Covid-19 patients, BSESC of the IESL came forward in this crucial hour & committed the hospital authorities to assist them to renovate it immediately. 

Having correctly identified the requirements after an inspection and a discussion with Dr.Hasitha Atthanayake (IDH Director), Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama (Senior Consultant-IDH) & other senior medical staff members, BSESC members recommended severalimmediate modifications to the system.  It was intended to have proper negative pressure conditions and the required amount of air changes as per the internationally accepted guidelines. These were achieved by introducing correctly sized additional air blowers to the ventilation system. In order to protect the health care workers from being exposed to the possible contaminated air flows that comes through the patients, the air supply and air exhaust ducting and louvre arrangements were modified. Thus, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters were introduced to avoid possible contaminations. These modifications were carried out by SL Navy under the consultancy & supervision of the BSESC. This expedited modification project at ICU complex #01 was completed on 26th of April 2020 thanks to the joint efforts of BSESC and SL Navy teams who worked continuously even within the Sinhala Hindu new year period.

The renovated ICU complex #01 was officially handed over to hospital authorities at a small ceremony organized by the IDH on 28th April 2020 with the participation of Dr. Anil Jasinghe,Director General of Health Services in Sri Lanka. Eng. Suran Fernando (Chairman, IESL BSESC) and LCdr. Milan Jayaweera (Mechanical Engineer, SL Navy) briefed Dr.Anil Jasinghe about the series of improvements introduced to the MVAC system. Dr. Jasinghe specifically conveyed his warm regards to the IESL on its initiative to attend said essential renovations voluntarily in the most crucial moment when the nation requires the contribution of experts to defeat Covid-19 pandemic.

Image 02: BSESC Chairman briefs the DG of Health Services about the MVAC renovations

In addition to the above project, BSESC is currently carrying out an MVAC design totally free of charge for another ICU complex in IDH which is also not suitable for the COVID-19 patients as in its current status.BSESC engineers, who are experts in designing hospital ventilation systems locally and overseas, are voluntarily involved in this noble exercise considering it as a service of national importance and an obligation of engineering professionals.


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Published Date: 2020-05-05 11:01:27