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EVOTECH Technical Article Competition 2021 


Winners  - Emerging Technological Advancements in The Field of Civil Engineering

1. Isuri Amarasinghe - University of Moratuwa

The future of civil Engineering: Rising Technological Advancements that will Change the World 


2. Amila Premakumara - University of Moratuwa

3D Printing in Construction Sector and its Applicability to the Sri Lankan Context


3. Dhanuja Jayananda - University of Moratuwa

The future of civil Engineering with the improvement of Technolog


Improvements and Innovations of Biomedical Science

1. Yashmi Karunanayake University of Ruhuna

The Journey of Medical Imaging Technology


2. Ishrath Ahamed University of Moratuwa

Latest Advancements in BrainComputer Interface


3. Nishali Kasineshan University of Kelaniya

Revolutionary Takeover of BioMedical Engineering – Dawn of Bio Hackers


Nanotechnology and Chemical Advancement for a Dominant Future

Dinithi S Herath University of Ruhuna

Breaking the Tradition through Revolutionary Nanotechnology for a Secured Future 


Heshani Herath University of Moratuwa

Promising for a better future 


Kosala Meriyan University of Ruhuna

Our Tiny Future


Renewable Energy

H.M. Nipuni Anuththara University of Jayawardhanepura

Renewable Energy in Smart Grids


Poojani Serasinghe University of Moratuwa

Is PV solar power generation trending


Vidura Wijekoon University of Ruhuna

Hope for sustainability


 Robotics for Space Exploration

Mohomed Aathil University of Moratuwa

Intelligent Robotic systems for space Exploration


Nishani Kasineshan University of Peradeniya

Robots being the frontiers of future space exploration


Prasad Chathuranga University of Moratuwa

Space with the Hubble