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Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund, offers financial assistance to members and their dependents when they are considered to be in distress by the Board of Management of the Benevolent Fund. All members except those in the class of Student Members regardless of their contributions to the Benevolent Fund are  eligible  to  be  beneficiaries  of  the  fund.  The  members  can  seek  financial  assistance  for  themselves  and  their dependents.  Children  under  21  years  of  age  or  those  who  are  differently  abled,  spouse,  parents  if  the  member concerned is / was the only child in the family are considered as dependents of a member. Under special circumstances dependents of a deceased  member will be  considered  for assistance from  the fund provided that a member in the class of Fellow has certified the application.

Please click the following link to have the access to the application form and guidelines.

         Link: https://app.box.com/s/coo76a56bbb6i6g69zd7w8ykilv0vpv6