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Young Members Section

Young Members Section (YMS)

What is YMS?

The YMS Committee is to be recognized as a link between young Engineers and IESL. It should play a role in making them more attracted to the IESL and informing the council on the related affairs and activities of the Young Members (Members, Associate Members and Student Members). It’s programmes and work priorities should focus as an interface to all the young members to excel in their careers of becoming eminent Engineers and should offer a stage for their voice and the outcome benefit for IESL should be to use them to achieve the IESL objectives.


What is the vision of YMS?

The Young Members’ Section maintains to garner interest to the IESL affairs and activities among Young Members, Associate Members and student Members of IESL and to provide Young Engineers opportunities for professional skills development, networking and inter-disciplinary dialogue while cultivating future leaders and facilitating succession enhancement of the IESL activities.


What YMS do?

  1. Talk to School Program

As a part of social responsibility program, Young Members Section of IESL has commenced an awareness program, “Talk to school” to promote school children to choose engineering as a career. The program aims to educate school students on how the subject matters in mathematics and physics are being applied in creative and useful ways and thereby instill students to pursue mathematical stream in their advanced level education.  These programs will be conducted with the support of Provincial Chapters’ in organizing, conducting, and finding resource personnel.

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  1. Talk to University Program

YMS has planned to conduct the “Talk to University” program.  The main objective of this program is to enrich students with the right set of attitudes that is expected by the industry. This will serve as an awareness program that will educate the students about the new trends, challenges and career opportunities in the industry.

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  1. Field Visits and Meet an Engineer Program

These programs will fill the gap between the university Education and the industry expectations.  The program will be conducted by both senior and junior engineers in the industry who will share their experiences to motivate fresh graduates to acquire the necessary technical and soft skills that are expected from the industry. This will encourage fresh graduates to get involved in IESL activities and to obtain Associate Membership.

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  1. Young Journal and National Engineering Conference

Young Journal and National Engineering Conference are giving virtuous opportunity to publish YMS member’s research findings. To make IESL National Engineering Conference, the premier event where the engineering fraternity makes policy statements and project proposals related to country’s quest to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals, YMS is willing to take part in the above programs actively.


  1. Inter University English Debate

The prime objective of the proposed IESL YMS: Inter-University Debate Competition 2021 (hereafter the Debate) is for undergraduates to improve communication skills along with critical thinking. They will analytically evaluate the opinions of others and logically construct their rebuttal. They will need to present their ideas in a clear professional style which will enable them to develop their speaking skills. In addition to that they will find this as an opportunity to research and learn the attributes of a skilled debater and inculcate those attributes in themselves which are not limited to maintain proper body language, keeping calm during disagreements, adhere to the topic at hand, speaking loud and clear and working on emotions. It will help undergraduates to build up their confidence and improve their interpersonal skills. Finally, this event will build a bridge between the universities and enable communication and networking within the universities which will ultimately benefit every graduate as they enter the industry.


  1. IESL YMS blog

IESL YMS blog initiated with purpose of offering a worthy space for the young engineers in Sri Lanka, whom with the passion for creativity, to share their novel and innovative ideas; giving them the inspiration to contribute for the betterment of the county and the society as a whole.


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