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District Chapters

Eastern Chapter

The Eastern Province

Enthusiasm, Excellence and Dynamism along with the Extraordinary feats of engineering is the Motto of Engineering in the East. As the rising sun of the East, we have grown stronger than ever, upholding the dignity, decorum and etiquette bounded by the Code of Ethics of the engineering profession for the betterment of the region and Mother Sri Lanka. The eastern province of Sri Lanka plays a key role in the growth of the Economy of the Island and, to preserve the status, Engineering Excellence is vital. It is an axiom that in directions, east is the best. The East, being blessed by Mother Nature has succumbed to yield paddy and food crops, fertile soil and mountains, juicy fish and flesh, curd and milk, ghee and honey, mineral sand and beaches and the natural harbour. None other than the East has the pride of place for its nature and scintillating history.in Mother Sri Lanka. The Eastern Province is comprised of Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Ampara Districts, with Batticaloa being the capital. Batticaloa, the heart of the Province, also called "The Land of Singing Fish" is the centre surrounded by Trincomalee in the North and Ampara in the South. Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burghers live in the region and show tremendous hospitality, thus attracting a lions share of tourists towards the region. The number of members in Affiliate, Student, Associate Member, Corporate Member and Fellow categories crosses over 500 over the region. The horizon of the IESL Eastern Province is not restricted only to training, motivating & upgrading the knowledge of the Engineers and Engineering undergraduates as we manage to function as an integral body in case of disasters to provide relief and in social activities to diminish the rate of illiteracy in the region, so that Mother Sri Lanka will be enlightened as a whole with the lamp of Education and Wisdom.


Eng. (Mrs.) J Ratnavasanthy


Eng. S Gowrythasan


Eng. C Thuvaragan


Eng. T Suganthan