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    Dear Members,


    ‘ENGINEER’ , the peer reviewed quarterly journal of the IESL now  gets published in the Sri Lanka Journals On Line  (SLJOL) which is a unique platform to share scientific knowledge making Sri Lankan research more available, accessible, detectible and noticeable, both nationally and internationally. At the website  the current journal issue as well as past issues could be viewed and downloaded.

    Published since 1973, the ‘ENGINEER’ is now at a turning point in its history as efforts are underway to include it in internationally renowned citation index platforms such as Scopus and the Web of Science.

    The format and the consent form for consideration for publication in ‘ENGINEER’ can be downloaded from the website of the institution

    Please send your research papers to reach;

    The Editor – Journal

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

    120 /15, Wijerama Mawatha

    Colombo -07


    Best Regards

    Eng. Prof. T.M. Pallewatta

    Editor - Journal,

    Vice President - IESL

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    Engineering Council Bill as appearing in the Gazette



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    International Professional Engineers


    Corporate Members with the required experience can register as Professional Engineers .The IESL being a full member of the International Professional Engineers Agreement, these Professional Engineers would be identified and recognized globally as International Professional Engineers and they will be able to use the post nominal abbreviation IntPE(Sri Lanka) . The rules pertaining to the registering of Professional Engineers could be viewed here

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    A Special Route for engineers with more than twenty (20) years experience after graduation and holding high / senior managerial positions to become Corporate Members of IESL


    1.      The special route is explicitly for those senior engineers with the necessary academic qualifications, training and responsible experience required by the Professional Review Rules who have not been able to obtain Corporate Membership of the IESL and those who are holding senior managerial positions in the state sectors, private sectors and academia.

    2.      The following category of Engineers will be eligible to apply for Corporate Membership under this proposed Route (Eligibility to apply for Corporate Membership under the proposed Route ):

         a.      Engineers holding high positions in engineering and/or management in State or Private Sector organizations

         b.      Engineers who have played a significant role in the development or delivery of engineering education and training

         c.      Engineers in Academia who have gained recognition through research at international or national levels

         d.      Engineers who through their work with public or voluntary bodies have effectively demonstrated their contribution and value to society as Engineers.

    3.      This special route initially will be in force for a period of 12 months with effect from 4th June 2015. This Scheme will be open only to those with a minimum of twenty (20) years of demonstrable experience after graduation.

    4.      The successful applicant must demonstrate all of the Essential qualities, and at least two of the Desirable qualities in the Report and at the Interview. Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of the following qualities:


                 E1: A position of senior responsibility and/or significant autonomy in their field

                 E2: Demonstrable leadership qualities

                 E3: Influencing policy and strategy making decisions in either a technical or business    environment

                 E4: A structured approach to CPD

                 E5: The training of the engineering profession to young engineers and potential engineers


                 D1: Highly specialist knowledge in a specific area of engineering

                 D2: Technical or engineering resource management and/or personnel management and development

                 D3: Responsibility for a budget and the associated risk

                 D4: Application of a significant range of fundamental principles and complex techniques across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts

                 D5: Active development and application of new technologies in engineering and related areas at senior level

    5.      All applications will be assessed by an “Assessment Panel” nominated by the PSMC and only those who are recommended by the Panel will be considered as eligible candidates to apply through this route and will be called for an interview. Candidates are required to make a Power Point presentation not exceeding twenty (20) minutes at the interview

    6.     Method of Application:

    a.       An application must be made on Form “MEM-FO-01” with the appropriate fees. Four Corporate Members should propose and sign the Application form. The applications may be either sent by registered post or delivered by hand.

    b.      Documents to be submitted along with the application

        i.     Original and one copy of Birth Certificate (Original will be returned)
       ii.     Original and one copy of Degree Certificate (Original will be returned)
       iii.    Originals and copies of appointment letters (Original will be returned)
       iv.    Three copies of the record of Continuing Professional development
        v.     Four copies of the report on Recognised Training and Responsible experience (Vide Rule 6 of Professional Review Rules)

    In addition to stipulations in the existing Section 6 of professional Review Rules, the Report must highlight the increasing degrees of responsibility at technical, managerial and financial levels and how the candidate has met with the requirements of five stipulated core competences.
           a.  Either a design supported by analysis, computations, BOQ, drawings etc or
           b.  A design oriented Project Report based on the candidate’s own direct involvement as part of his / her normal duties within the preceding ten years.  or
           c.   Results of a project study in the form of  a dissertation of not less than 6000 words

    7.      Written Papers:
         a.       “A” Paper
                   The necessity of sitting for “A” Paper will be decided by the interview panel and will be informed after the interview.
         b.      “B” Paper
                   Considering the high managerial positions held, the candidate is exempted from the “B” Paper.

    Click here to download the same in PDF format

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