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  • 15 Feb 2019 1:16 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Updating the Details of Life Members of the OPA

    The OPA is in the process of updating the details of Life Members.

    In this context, you are kindly requested to forward your details in the form enclosed (Link), herewith, to reach the OPA Secretariat on or before 30th February 2019.

    Your cooperation in this regard will be very much appreciated.

    Eng. Shantha Senerath

    General Secretary

  • 13 Feb 2019 4:29 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Dear Fellow/Member/Associate Member/Affiliate Member,

    This communication is to convey the initiative taken by the 2018/2019 Council to ensure that the three types of Engineering Practitioners under the purview of IESL get registered with the ECSL, as required by the law of the country.

    As informed to the public by the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka (ECSL), practitioners of Engineering in Sri Lanka have to be registered under six designated categories in the ECSL on or before 2019/07/31out of which three categories (types) are under the purview of IESL, to be nominated with members of the Institution, as follows;

    Chartered Engineer - Corporate members of the IESL (namely Fellow and Member categories of the IESL)

    Associate Engineer - Associate members of the IESL

    Affiliate Engineer - Affiliate members of the IESL

    For the purpose of Registration, the ECSL will charge LKR 1,000/= +VAT (15%) per member per year. The Council at its 5th meeting for the Session 2018/2019, held on 2019/02/01 decided for this inaugural year (2019) to pay such registration fees for all members in your categories who are on the roll of IESL as of 2019/02/01, through IESL funds, provided that they fall under one of the following;

    1. The above 3 types of members (except life members) who have paid the membership fees for 2019 on or before 2019/02/01,

    2. The above 3  types of members (except life members) who have paid the membership fees for 2018 on or before 2018/11/30, but not paid for 2019 up to 2019/02/01 (These members will have to ensure that they pay the membership fees for 2019 on or before 2019/11/30),

    3. Above 3  types 
    of members who are Life Members (these members will have to pay ECSL registration fees through IESL for subsequent years {2020 onwards}, if they wish to continue ECSL registration, though they are exempt from paying IESL membership fees)

    NOTEAll three types of members, including Life Members among them, will have to pay ECSL registration fees through IESL from year 2020 onwards

    I would like to re-emphasise that this initiative was taken by the Council (at a projected expenditure of approximately LKR 18 Million) to ensure that the three types of Engineering Practitioners under the purview of IESL get registered with the ECSL as required by the law of Sri Lanka.


    Eng. (Prof) T.M. Pallewatta

    President - IESL

  • 11 Feb 2019 8:30 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    113th Annual Sessions

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

                                                   Call for Papers

    Technical papers are invited under the following categories:

    ·    Engineering theory/research (academic) oriented technical papers,

    ·    Technical papers based on Engineering practice/design /projects/ techniques.

    The paper should be of value and interest to Engineers and aimed at making a contribution to the advancement of the Profession of Engineering. It must be based on review of past practice, information of current interest, or probing into new fields of engineering activity. It should be a presentation of thought provoking study contributing to planning, analysis, design, construction, fabrication, production, management or maintenance of Engineering works. In this context, practical papers are strongly encouraged. Wherever possible, theoretical papers should include a section on practical application or additional research areas to be pursued for effective technology transfer.

    Submission of Papers:

    Intention of submitting a paper should be conveyed to the IESL with an abstract of the proposed paper. The abstract, not exceeding 300 words in English, together with details of the author/(s) can be submitted in electronic format at the URL

    Schedule of Key Dates

    Last date for receipt of abstracts                                  - 30th March 2019

    Notification of acceptance                                            - 01st  to 15th April 2019

    Last date for submission of full paper                        - 30th June 2019

    Proposed dates for Technical Paper                           - 17th & 18th  October 2019

    presentation at the Annual Sessions  


    Best Paper Award

    Best paper based on the marks given by referees and judges at the presentation, will be entitled to the prestigious Prof. E.O.E. Pereira Award.

    Mailing Address

    All correspondence besides submissions in electronic format through URL  should be addressed to:

    Format for the  Full Paper

    Eng.  (Prof.) Jagath Manatunge                                   Tel:  011-2698426 Ext. 232, 207   

    Editor, Technical Papers for Annual Sessions,           Fax: 011-2699202

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,                      Email:

    120/15, Wijerama Mawatha,                                                       

    Colombo 7.      


  • 08 Feb 2019 3:54 PM | IESL (Administrator)

  • 08 Feb 2019 11:02 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    Health Insurance scheme for the IESL Members

        ..The renewal is due on 1st of March 2019..


    The National Insurance Trust Fund (NITF) offers health insurance scheme for IESL Members with following benefits.

    Main features of the Scheme:

    • This is a group policy commenced in 2011 with annual renewals
    • Members up to 85 years are eligible
    • Can join in without undergoing any medical test
    • Sum insured ranges from Rs. 150,000/= up to Rs. 1,000,000 (6 options are available)
    • Rs. 500,000/= cover for 25 critical illnesses* for no increase in premium
    • Personal accidents, eye care, child births, deaths etc., also covered for no additional premium
    • Spectacle coverage once in three years.
    • Treatments taken in Private and Government hospitals as well as Aurvedic hospitals are accepted
    • To get details of coverage & the annual premium click here 
    • To download the application click here 

    What you have to do:

    ·        In order to join Fill up an application  form and hand it over to the IESL finance dept. together with the applicable annual premium as per  schedule given on or before 28 February  2019.

    ·        when you want to make a claim - Fill up a claim form and deliver/ hand it over to the NITF together with the documents requested within 90 days of the event occurrence.  NITF Hotline 0702020247 and 0702020221


    ·        Cancer                                                                              

    ·        Chronic  Liver Disease

    ·        Heart Attack - (Myocardial Infarction)                          

    ·        Chronic Lung Disease

    ·        Stroke (Cerebra Vascular Accident)                            

    ·        Coma

    ·        Coronary Artery Disease Surgery (Coronary By-Pass Surgery)        

    ·        Deafness

    ·        Renal Failure                                                                   

    ·        Fulminant Viral Hepatitis

    ·        Major Organ Transplant                                                 

    ·        Loss of Speech

    ·        Paralysis                                                                           

    ·        Motor Neuron Disease

    ·        Blindness                                                                         

    ·        Muscular Dystrophy

    ·        Heart Valve Surgery                                     

    ·        Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension                                

    ·        Surgery for a Disease of the Aorta            

    ·        All accidents other than motor accident.

    ·        Multiple Sclerosis

    ·        Angioplasty

    ·        Apallic Syndrome

    ·        Benign Brain Tumor                                                     

    ·        Major Organ transplant, such as lung or bone marrow. (However this benefit will not be paid on donor of a major organ.)

    CEO/Executive Secretary


    08th February 2019

    Tel:  011-2698426 Ext. 218


  • 07 Feb 2019 1:00 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The first program of ‘Talk to school’ conducted by the Young Members Section Committee of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka is scheduled to be held at Rahula Collage Mathara on 14th February 2019. It is all about engineers going back to their Alma Mater and sharing their experiences, educating the importance of engineering profession, how they become engineers and the road to become a successful engineer.


    Target group of Students

    For G.C.E A/L students: The main purpose of this program is to help the students who have chosen maths and sciences to know that engineering careers are creative, rewarding and fun, and to encourage those who show an interest in engineering.

    For G.C.E O/L students: To help young students see that maths and science can be applied in creative and useful ways – and inspire them before choosing their subjects before the A/L. It is presumed that the best way to engage with this age range will be through talking to the schools and suggesting some follow-up ideas.


    What we TALK?

    We talk about What is Engineering? Why anybody become an Engineer? Which type of Engineering should you choose? What are employment prospects? Where do Engineers work?

    We present the idea that Engineering is behind everything by providing examples of the world’s most pressing problems handled by Engineers. Also how professionally registered Engineers are being respected like other major professions. Further we talk about the IESL, who is a Chartered Engineer and how to achieve the status.


    The conduct of the Program

    The program lasts for 4 hours with interactive speeches and activities to give an inspirational and energetic impression about Engineers. The Main speeches will be delivered by Eng. A. Manamperi (Vice President, IESL, and Council Member) and Eng. P.W. Sarath (Fellow- Council Member). The other personals are selected from the Engineering Students, Members of the IESL who are Old Boys of Rahula College, Matara. A Leaflet will be distributed during the event for benefit of the students.


    This event is organized by the Young Members Section Committee of IESL in collaboration with IESL Ruhunu Chapter.


    Eng. Chamil Edirimuni

    Chairman- Young Members Section Committee

  • 31 Jan 2019 11:34 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    Awareness on Technical Auditing


    Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA, legal successor to ICTAD, as the regulatory authority of the construction industry is mandated to carry out technical Auditing of any identified construction works if requested to do so by the owner as per Section No 45 of Construction Industry Development Act, No 33 of 2014.


    The regulation gazette on 5th April 2018 spells out the process of registration of Quality Management Auditors and Qualifications required for such registration.


    Please refer to the attached document for further details on Technical Auditing. (Link)


    Publicity Unit, IESL

  • 28 Jan 2019 4:23 PM | IESL (Administrator)


    It is essential to have some Member specific details of our valued Members of the IESL for various purposes (some of them are legally mandatory) including,

    1. Registration for Engineering Council of Sri Lanka (ECSL)
    2. Registration as “Qualified Persons” of CIDA
    3. Participation in IESL Elections (both E-voting and Manual Voting)
    4. Providing necessary and essential Member specific information for the new MIS System of the IESL

    Your current details available in our database may be either incomplete or incorrect. Following are the details of Ten mandatory fields available in our database.

    1. Salutation : 
    2. Name with Initials : 
    3. Names indicated by initials : 
    4. Gender : 
    5. Date of Birth : 
    6. Valid email address (all correspondences will take place through this email)
    7. Valid mobile number : 
    8. National Identity Card/Passport number : 
    9. Postal Address (line1, line2, City,Country):
    10. Affiliated IESL Provincial/Overseas Chapter :

    Please click the Update button and enter the correct information on or before 06th February 2019. For any clarifications in this regard, kindly contact Ms. Nimesha on (011)-2698426 at extension 214 (email: or Manager – Membership at extension 202 (email:

    Eng. Neil Abeysekera
    Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary
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