MESC one-day training on ‘ how to do research’ hits a Full-house

06 Oct 2016 1:37 PM | IESL (Administrator)

Date: ​28th September 2016; 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Topic: ​ ENGINEERS - You Can Do Research - LEARN HOW

Venue: IESL Wimalasurendra Auditorium.

Presenters: ​

1.    Prof. Priyan Dias. CEng, FIE(SL), MIStructE, PhD, BSc(Eng)(Hons.) , DIC

2.    Dr. Sanjeewa Maithripala. BSc. Eng., MPhil., MSc., Ph.D.

3.    Dr. S. A. H. A. Suraweera. B.Sc.Eng. (First Class Honours), PhD.

4.    Dr. Ranjith W. Pallegama. BDS[Hons.], PhD.

Attendant: 150 participants (All IESL members)

Proceeding to the Member announcement to register for the program, this was oversubscribed within two days with 150 registrations. Therefore the organizers sent an announcement two days prior to the Program asking registrants to Deregister if they do not wish to participate; letting others in the queue to register. This program had a full house in IESL Wimalasurendra Auditorium with over 150 participants, indicating there is a pent-up need within members on the topic. MESC is planning to have a survey within IESL members as a next step to this training; to cater into more specific requirements of the member.

During this session following items were discussed

  • What is research and why do research?                   
  • The Scientific Method
  • Finding a good research theme/ research Question (RQ)
  • Characteristics of a good theme/ research Question (RQ)
  • Use of case studies
  • Formulation of the hypothesis and objectives from the RQ
  • Research Process & generalization
  • Writing a good Research Proposal      
  • Panel Discussion

As the opening presenter Eng. (Dr). D H S Maithripala spoke about the role of Innovation in research. He highlighted how Sri Lanka can refocus on research even at the leading local university levels; to elevate our national position in research in the global context. At the moment Sri Lanka has come further down in Global Innovation Index from 85th rank in 2015 to 96th in 2016. He highlighted how innovation has helped organizations to succeed with examples such as Elon Musk in Tesla & SpaceX. He briefed the forum about basics of scientific method and how good observation of a Physical Behavior ends up in mathematical concept. He also highlighted how his research has been successful with collaboration of private investors.

Professor Priyan Dias shared his experience under the topic of “Research in Practice”. He explained how imagination and suspicion of an observation becomes grounds for research and how Artificial Neural Networks [ANN] is used in research to identify input and output patterns. Mistakes in research and making use of it, top down reasoning and engaging literature were among his other areas of presentation. Overall he covered how the formation of hypothesis and objectives of research question.

Dr. Ranjith Pallegama, as the next presenter spoke on the topic “Research Process & Generalization”. He shared his view on how inductive and deductive thinking works in research, importance of Measurement System Analysis [MSA] and sampling.

Then Dr. Suraweera explained “How to write a good research proposal” with his experience in doing more than 100 research papers. He mainly highlighted what are the main funding agencies in global and national point of view and explained how to write proposals for their requirements. Review criterion of different agencies and how to ensure compliance to them was also explained in his presentation.

Question & answer session was followed after the presentation. This lecture was most appreciated by the participants as some of them were very keen to know how to do research.

This session was organized within 2-week time. It was rather fast execution from MESC and IESL staff. Everyone thanked the organizers, who worked fast for execution of the plan. Special thank also goes to sponsors, who made it possible to offer the training with-no-cost to the members participated.

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