How to Become a Member

Non corporate members are:

·        Student Member

·        Affiliate Member - AflMIE (Sri Lanka)

·        Associate Member - AMIE (Sri Lanka)

·        Companion

·        Associate - AIE (Sri Lanka)


Corporate Members (Chartered Engineers - C.Eng.):

·        Member - MIE (Sri Lanka)

·        Fellow - FIE (Sri Lanka)

In Sri Lanka, the award of Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) status is exclusive to The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL). It is awarded to the Corporate Members of IESL. Chartered Engineers with corporate membership at IESL enjoy recognition  by government, business and the general public.

Chartered Engineer represents:

·        The highest standards of professionalism

·        Leadership

·        Up-to-date expertise

·        Quality and safety

·        The ability to undertake independent practice


While most candidates would first become an Associate Member - AMIE (Sri Lanka) - prior to becoming a Member - MIE (Sri Lanka), with certain international professional qualifications and after due consideration by the Institution, one could apply directly to obtain MIE (Sri Lanka). In any case, the process of obtaining MIE ( Sri Lanka) is the same as documented in these pages.

The corporate membership of Fellow - FIE ( Sri Lanka) - is an internal transfer and cannot be applied for by a person who is not a Corporate Member - MIE (Sri Lanka).


Honorary Life Members:



A Corporate Member or Companion or Associate on completion of 40 years of membership of the Institution shall be eligible for election by Council to Honorary Life Membership in the respective class and shall on such election not be required to pay annual subscriptions.






Eligibility Requirements –

1      Undergraduates of Engineering degree programmes of University of Peradeniya, Moratuwa , Ruhuna and the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) (new curriculum w.e.f. 2003) and OUSL Level 4 or Level 3 with engineering experience.

2      Students of NDT, HNDE, NDES courses or those who have completed Part-1 of IESL examinations.

3      Engineering Council old syllabus, or Certificate Level New Syllabus.

4       Advanced Level with 3 passes including Maths with three years Engineering experience.

5      BSc Science degree with 2 years engineering experience.

6      Diploma in Technology of the Technical Training Institute.

7      Diploma in Irrigation Training Institute.

8      Engineering students of CINEC Maritime Campus ( w.e.f.3rd Feb. 2012)

9      Undergraduates of B Sc. Engineering degree programme at the Kotalawala Defence University (w.e.f. 5th Oct. 2012)

10   Other qualifications assessed on a case by case basis by IESL.


Method of application –

1      Duly filled application form MEM-FO-01.

2      Originals and copies of eligible qualifications.

3      Original and the copy of the Birth Certificate.






Required qualifications –

1      Advanced Diploma of IESL Engineering course after completing stage I and 2 of the Certificate level Exams.

2      Academic qualifications recognized for registration as an Incorporated  Engineer of the Engineering Council of UK

3      Three year full time degree at Kotalawala Defense University.

4      B Eng. Degrees of both local and foreign universities recognized under the Sydney Accord.

5      Any other qualification assessed on a case by case basis.


Method of application –


1      Duly filled application form MEM-FO-01

2      Original and copy of Degree certificate.

3      Original and copy of Academic transcript.

4      Original and copy of Advanced level Certificate.

5      Original and copy of Birth certificate.




 Academic Qualifications-

1      BSc. Engineering Degrees of University of Peradeniya, Moratuwa, and Ruhuna.

2      IESL Engineering examinations (part I and II of old syllabus or Part I, II, and III of new syllabus)

3      B. Tech. Degree of Open University of Sri Lanka ( Entry year – 2003 onwards)

4      A full time four year engineering degree from a foreign university accredited under Washington Accord

5      Engineering Council Examinations of UK up to and including Post Graduate Diploma.

6      Engineering degrees Accredited by the IEI or the National Board of Accreditation of All India Council of Technical Education.

7      Other qualifications assessed on a case by case basis by IESL.


Method of Application –

1      Duly filled application form  MEM-FO-01

2      Original and a copy of Degree Certificate.

3      Original and a copy of Academic transcript.

4      Original and a copy of Advanced level Certificate.

5      Original and a copy of Birth Certificate.







1.0 Eligibility Requirements –

A candidate for election as a Corporate Member is required to possess  academic qualifications acceptable to the Institution  in one of the many disciplines of engineering, along with  adequate training and experience in that particular discipline.  The aggregate of periods in respect of engineering education, training and responsible experience shall not be less than eight years  at the time of applying. He/she is also required to have attained several competencies which will be assessed at a Professional Review.

Candidate should have passed the Section “B” Paper of the Professional Review Examination conducted by the IESL prior to applying for the full
Professional Review .
Process Flow - Professional Review

2.0 Academic Qualifications

·      A full time four year engineering degree ( BSc. Eng.) from Universities of Peradeniya , Moratuwa, and Ruhuna, after passing      three     subjects including Mathematics   at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination in the science stream.

·        BTech. Degree of Open university of Sri lanka ( Entry year 2003 onwards), after passing      three     subjects including Mathematics   at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination in the science stream.

·        A full time four year degree in engineering accredited under Washington Accord for CEng

·      Full qualifications of Part I and II of old syllabus or Part I, II and III of new syllabus of the Examinations conducted by the IESL after passing three subjects including Mathematics   at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination in the science stream.

·      A qualification recognized by the Institution as being equivalent to a four year full time accredited degree completed after passing three subjects including Mathematics   at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination in the science stream.

·      Others assessed by the institution on a case by case basis.

3.0 Recognized Training and Responsible experience –

A minimum of forty eight (48) months in aggregate of recognized training and Responsible Experience is required after obtaining the required academic qualifications, for admission as a Corporate Member.

Civil Engineers Should have at least six (6) months Experience in a Design Office in addition to a  six (6) months of training which should be continuous , engaged in design work, and doing a design and Drawing under the direct supervision of a  Corporate Member, to make up a total of twelve (12) months in a Designs Office.

        Recognised Training -

·      Recognized training is the training undergone under the supervision of a Chartered Engineer in an organization recognized by the Institution as having the facilities for providing training to prospective applicants for Membership.

·      At the time of submitting the applications, the candidate should have satisfactorily completed 24 months of recognized training or an equivalent of it.

         Responsible Experience –

·        At least 24 months of experience in a responsible position in the field of engineering   related to the  candidate’s discipline under the guidance of a Chartered  Engineer.

·        Six (6) months of study of a post graduate degree by research of two years duration could also be counted against responsible experience in designs or otherwise but this should not run concurrently with the period during this study that is counted towards recognized training.

·        Teaching experience at higher/tertiary Education Institutions gained after acquiring a postgraduate research degree of duration two years or more.

4.0 Method of application -

·       Duly filled application form MEM-FO-01

·       Letter of first appointment as an engineer original and one copy.

·      A summary of the training and experience as per format, certified by one of the sponsors/supporters or       by another Chartered Engineer from personal Knowledge.  (Four (4) copies).

·       A report of 2000 to 3000 words describing the specific training undergone and the experience gained (Four (4) copies).

·       A report of 1500 words highlighting the competencies attained giving examples.

·      A Design/ Comprehensive Design in the case of Building Services, Civil, Chemical , Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering candidates and a Design or  a Project Study of around 6000 words  in the case of candidates of other disciplines. This has to be certified by the Chartered Engineer under whose supervision it was done.

·      Organization Charts in respect of last three positions held certified by Charted Engineers from personal knowledge.

·      Copy of the letter issued by IESL informing the passing Section “B” Paper.

·      CPD record of last two years with a minimum of 36 hours of CPD for each year (3 copies)

·      Training Log Book






1.0 Eligibility requirement:

To be eligible for transfer to the grade of Fellow of the IESL, a member has to be more than 35 years of age and a Corporate Member of IESL - MIE (Sri Lanka), engaged in the practice of engineering, having had sufficient experience acceptable to the Council involving at least five (5) years of responsibility in engineering, superior to that required for MIE (Sri Lanka).

2.0 Method of Application

The eligible member for transfer to the grade of Fellow has to submit duly filled Application form MEM-FO-01, Academic transcripts, Professional qualification certificates, Evidence of Engineering innovativeness and related achievements, Publications, Technical papers presented at National and International forums and A 2000 – 3000 word Report on experience, demonstrating the applicant’s achievement of each of the six competences expected from a fellow member, as given below. (3 hard copies and a soft copy of the Report are required to be submitted).


The Candidate will be assessed on the Competence Based Assessment scheme on the following competences:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering principles.
  2. Demonstrates practical application of engineering knowledge and understanding of engineering principles.
  3. Leadership and management.
  4. Communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Professional Conduct
  6. Involvement with the IESL / Other recognized Engineering Institutions

The Report, while indicating the Applicant’s career progression, should also be structured so that the Applicant’s attaining of a high level in each of the above competences is highlighted. It is suggested that not less than 50% of the Report be used for demonstration of the Applicant’s achieving good levels in each of the six Competences. This is best done by giving a few examples.

The marking will be at four levels (1 to 4), level 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. The candidate should obtain not less than ‘Level 3’, in competences 1 and 2; not less than ‘Level 3’ in three out of the balance four competences; and not less than ‘Level 2’ for the remaining competence.







Eligibility Requirements –

One who is holding a post of Engineer or one that of an Engineer in a recognized organization having the following educational qualifications;

1      NDT from university of Moratuwa or JTO Certificate from Ceylon Technical College or other equivalent qualifications approved by the Council with not less than 10 years of approved training and experience.


2      Six passes in GCE Ordinary Level Examination in not more than two sittings including two of the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Pure mathematics, Applied mathematics, Engineering Drawings and Science with not less than 15 years of approved training and experience.


Method of Application –


1      Duly filled application form MEM-FO-01

2      Original and a copy of the academic qualifications.

3      GEC Ordinary Level Certificate

4      Training and experience report

5      Engineering appointment letters.

6      Original and a copy of the birth certificate.






Eligibility requirements –


1      More than 35 years of age.

2      Engaged in the practice of or associated with engineering and

a      attained a position of responsibility as an engineer or

b      Qualified to concur with engineers in the advancement of engineering.


Method of application –


1      Duly filled application form MEM-FO-01

2      Relevant documents

3      Original and a copy of the Birth certificate.



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